40 Stylish Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

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What do you see when you go to interior design hashtag on Pinterest and Instagram? You will a plethora of farmhouse style house, especially if you dive deep into a kitchen section. Many kitchen cabinet design ideas, as well as sinks ideas, are always on farmhouse style right now. People love the rustic look that farmhouse style gives into a place.

People get attracted by the aura that a farmhouse style gives in a place. You can clearly feel the feeling of warmth, inviting and cozy in a place that has farmhouse style. All of those aspects are the perfect aura that you want in your home. You want to feel warm, cozy and welcome in your own home. Thus, having a farmhouse style makes sense to many people.

Rustic look in farmhouse kitchen is easy to do. The first thing that you can do to make your place have that look is by changing the metal in your place. Metal elements such as in your faucets and kitchen cabinet design handles are ones that you can easily change. Remove your modern stainless steel faucet and replace them with rustic metal like copper or dark silver. This will immediately give a more rustic look.

Take a step further by changing your countertop. Your countertop and worktop should be made out of wood to have that rustic farmhouse look. The kitchen sink is also an important feature that

you can't forget. Make them to have that deep farmhouse style, perfect for rustic kitchen.

Drag some elements of antique too, like in your kitchen cabinet design. Farmhouse home usually have many intricate unique antique pieces that are pass down through generations. If you don't have that, buy some decoration that mimics that antique look. You can buy them easily in many secondhand stores or garage storage.

To assemble them together, you need a certain strategy that makes them work together and doesn't make your place look ugly and old. That's why finding inspiration on how to do them properly is a must. Take a look at these examples on how you can create that look. Pic one or two that you like and use them as inspiration on how to put together your own kitchen.

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