40+ Classy Tuscan Home Decor Ideas You Will Love

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Have you ever seen many Italian movies that feature mafia mob houses? Then you will notice that they have a certain style. That style is most likely be a Tuscan style. As you can see, a house that adopts a Tuscan decor has a distinctive appearance. Let’s chat more about what it takes to make your house has that classic Tuscan look.

From the first glance, you might see that this style is characterized by the sun-baked look in their wall. It gives a nice rustic touch into a place. Combine that look with a simple and sturdy furnishing, you will instantly achieve that posh and opulence Italian style home.

Tuscan decor ideas that you can implement in your home are iron accents in your furniture, terra-cotta tiles with intricate mosaic patterns, and textured walls. It can also be obtained from elegant but detailed murals that you put on your walls.

But, the key elements in this decor rely heavily on earth tones color pallets. Color like terracotta, beige, gray stone, etc., are some of the main colors that you choose when assembling your place.

Wrought-iron are also the accents that heavily uses in Tuscan d├ęcor. Put it in strategic places that you can still see, yet don’t overpower the look. The best places are when you use it as the light fixture in your room, or your cabinet handles.

If you want to have fun with it, you can also paint many ceramic objects and your tiles in eccentric colors to bring uniqueness in your place. This can be the vital thing that brings your whole place together to achieve that Tuscan decor.

When stuck with the ideas on how to transform more in your place to make your place look as if it’s coming straight from Italy, look for inspirations. In this article, you will see many examples of decor ideas that can be inspirational to you. Take one or two elements from photos that you like, and use it in your home. It’s the easiest thing that you can do to transform your place easily.

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