29+good Stone Moon Gate Ideas

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Moon gate, a beautiful entryway to your garden. If you ever seen a beautiful garden with a circular passageway that’s absolutely magnificent, that structure is called moon gates. The stone moon gate ideas are popularized by Chinese traditional architecture.

In the original design, every tile in the structure has its own meaning, even the placement of the stone tile has some spiritual implication that can be traced back to the Chinese believe. This is an absolutely fascinating fact that not many people know of.

Though nowadays, the circular structure has been adopted by many architects around the world. The principal has been used in other types of building, and also as the intricate structure in many showcase gardens.

Stone moon gate ideas have also been used in many personal gardens. You can also make it in your own garden. It will be an incredible view if your pathway leads up to an amazing structure, then an even amazing garden.

People usually make it with bricks or stones. If you want to save a bit of money, a brick is the better option. Place your moon gate at the edge of your garden near your house. This will be the whimsical border between your normal life to the magical world that is your garden.

To make it look even more like you’re in a fairy tale, dress up your brick or stone moon gate ideas with beautiful and colorful flowers. Place it on around the circle structure. It will be one of a kind view. This will be totally the best place that you and your family can enjoy.

Stone moon gate ideas are great way to elevate the look of your garden. Even if you have an average looking garden, the moon gate will be the attraction that makes your gate unforgettable. There are many styles on how you can make the circle structure. Here are some examples of how you to make it unique!

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