20+ Cool Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas For Dark Cabinets

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When designing a kitchen, many will advise you to use a lighter color to make your place look bigger. Though, for someone that doesn’t like to play with neutral, this statement will cause an argument. Many prefer to use dark kitchen cabinets, for example, as the feature of their kitchen. And nobody dares to say that it doesn’t work. You will see from the list below that dark colors in a small kitchen can work just as fine.

Neutral colors have proven their worth of being the color that able to trick the eye and make a space appear larger. Though, having all-neutral kitchen can be pretty boring. Nobody likes to have a generic-looking kitchen that doesn’t have uniqueness at all. That’s why; introducing a dark color to use an accent color is a smart idea.

Dark kitchen cabinets can be smart ideas to use for your color accent. You can choose many combinations of colors if you choose a neutral as your main color pallet. Ones that pair well with neutral are dark blue, dark purple, etc.

Though, if you still wanting to go breaking the neutral look but doesn’t like to add other kitchen color scheme ideas, you can just use a dark wood color for your dark kitchen cabinets. This will make your place still in the neutral tones but, add a little bit of edge.

If you still don’t satisfy with those choices, find other inspirations. Take a look at the gallery in this article. It’s filled with curated examples on how you can add dark color in your kitchen color scheme without having to make your space looks small.

Next time you plan to do a renovation in your place, you can use those color scheme ideas for a refreshing look in your kitchen. Guarantee that you will still have a big, open, and airy looking kitchen in your house!

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